Internship/Externship Information


Internship Overview

Our internship was established in 2000. It is a 12 month training program for graduate veterinarians. The goals  of our program are: 1) to provide quality training and experience in a supportive and instructive team setting  2) to allow for the development of knowledge and skills in the areas of equine medicine, surgery and health management by offering a diverse caseload in a high-quality equine practice 3) to provide experience dealing with a range of clients and patients and develop confidence and good communication skills and 4) to provide further experience and training to assist the intern in achieving their goals of entering a residency program or a high quality equine practice.


Externship Information

Our externship is available for veterinary students in their 2nd-4th years of veterinary school. Veterinary students typically spend 2-4 weeks and  gain private practice and clinical experience  to supplement their professional  education. Student who are interested in an externship should contact Wendy Olson in our office (208)466-4613 to schedule their visit. Housing is available for externs. Students interested in applying for our internship program are strongly encouraged to perform an externship as this is typically an important part of our selection criteria. 


More Information for Applicants

Detailed information about our internship is available on the AAEP Avenues website.